Starting a Shipment

DGIS provides a step-by-step process to creating your Shipping Papers. With additional resources to make the shipping process easier for you

This article provides the first steps of creating a shipment within DGIS. For the next steps see; Entering Shipment InformationAdding Material and Packaging and Finishing your shipment


Start at the DGIS Login page  Login with the username and password you used when activating your license. We suggest that you bookmark this page.


When you first sign in, you'll be taken to the Home tab. This tab is designed to act as a portal with useful links. Express users will have the view below, with what's new and dangerous goods links for UPS, FedEx, ICAO and PHMSA, as well as links for the Labelmaster and Technical Support sites.

Business and Enterprise users will by default have a blank page that they can customize. More information on this customization can be found in the article Customizing the Home Portal.

Click on the Shipping Papers tab to get started with a shipment.



At the top of this screen select which form type you are using.



On the bottom of this screen shipment templates are listed. See our article on Saving Templates and Drafts to learn more about Templates.



After selecting the form type, you will be brought to the current shipment screen. This is where you will enter the Shipper and Consignee addresses and other pertinent  information.



To continue your shipment, see: Entering Shipment Information.


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