Saving Shipment Templates and Drafts


At any point in creating your shipment, you may save a template. You can save a shipment template, which will save any shipment and packaging information you have input so far. This template can then be accessed for future use. Saving drafts will allow you to save any shipment information that you have input so far, so that it can be put aside and finished as a shipment at a later time.

Saving Templates and Drafts


Saving Templates

You can select Save Template in the action bar on the current shipment screen. This will give you the option to save a new template or overwrite an existing template, which would update the shipment information in that template.


Selecting a shipment template

With no shipments open in the current shipment screen, you’ll see your saved shipment templates under your available forms, which is now readily available for future shipments. Select the template to open as a current shipment.


Saving drafts

Saving a draft allows you to save all the shipment information that you have entered so that you can put it aside and continue at a later time. From the current shipment screen, you can select Save Draft to save the shipment as a draft.


Selecting draft

After saving the shipment as a draft, you’ll be able to select in the future by clicking on Drafts on the left hand side of the navigation bar. You’ll click Edit to open your draft as a current shipment.



If there is already a shipment open in Current Shipment, you’ll be prompted to save the progress of the shipment as a draft before opening your draft.

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