Report Layout Editor Update (Maritime shipments)

DGIS v4.4 no longer has a "Report Layout Editor" link on the left sidebar of the Shipping Papers tab.

The new method for modifying the layout of the Shipping Marks section of a Maritime shipment is to click on the New "Overrides" icon located on the Print>Shipments screen.



In order for users to view and access the Overrides icon, they must have the 'Use Report Layouts" and "Edit Maritime Form Data" Rights enabled in Roles.  By default, these Rights are not pre-selected for DGIS's 'Admin' Role.  As a consequence, a new DGIS Role must be created with these Rights selected and assigned to the appropriate users that need this functionality.

When a user clicks the New Overrides icon a new window appears (screenshot below) and you're able to freeform type in the 'Shipping Marks', 'Number and kind of packages; description of goods', 'NW (kg)', 'GW' and 'Cube' fields.  Click the Save button when you're done.


Click the Ok button to confirm the changes. 


It is important to note that the changes applied are only for the current shipment and will not be applied to other shipments.  The previous Report Layout Editor allowed users to create a custom setting "layout" which could be applied to all Maritime shipments.  This is no longer an option.


Note: The Report Layout Editor is a separate feature from the Advanced Alignment Tool.  Please view the
"New Advanced Alignment (Nudge) Tool" article to learn more about the Advanced Alignment feature.


For additional assistance please contact the Labelmaster Software Support Team via phone (800-578-4955), email ( or Chat.




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