API Key Management


Labelmaster Software has added functionality that allows DGIS web service customers and partners to create and manage their API Keys. These keys are generally assigned to a company and grants the users the ability to make API calls within their interface, whether the DGIS software is launched or not. This functionality allows greater security measures for web service testers and users, and management of these keys can be bestowed to a specific user or to Labelmaster Software Technical Support, upon request.


Setting up the API Key Tool

Once a web service license has been created for the DGIS customer, the license will be activated under the Administration tab after logging into DGIS.

After clicking on Licenses, the web service license can be added by clicking the Add License button. On the pop-window, type in the License Key, and click Save New License to validate and add the license to your account.




On the next screen, check off the username for the account that will manage the API Keys for the company and click Save.




Next, the user will need the right to manage the API Keys. A new role must be created for this user by going to Roles and clicking Add on the top left side.


Type in a name for the role, check the “Manage WebService Keys” right, check off the username for the account that will manage the API Keys, and click Save. The user is now set up to create and manage API keys for the company.




Creating and Managing API Keys

To create and manage API Keys, log in with the DGIS account that is set up with this right and click on Web Services under the Administration tab. From here, you will see the name and prefixes for API Keys that were created within the API Key module. You can disable these keys by clicking Disable. Keep in mind that once a key is disabled, it cannot be enabled again.




To create a new API Key for the company, click on Add Key, type a name for the key, and click save. The full, newly-generated API Key will be displayed; this key will work right away and can be used in your interface to make API calls. You MUST copy this key and keep for your records since the full key will not be visible anywhere else. Once this page is closed, only the prefix will be visible on the Web Services page.



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