DGIS 4.3 Release Notes (6/6/2021)

Minimal Administration Required

The changes included in this release are estimated to have a potentially minimal impact on DGIS systems and DGIS administrator responsibilities. Actions required may vary depending on materials and regulations used within your DGIS system. Please see below for more details.



Any templates or parts that include UNIDs with changes in this document may need to be updated after June 6 with the revised materials.


DGIS Content

Update Highlights – This release will include regulatory updates to the DGLs, DGAs, Packing Instructions, Variations, and any other type of regulatory content for Q1-Q2 2021. Listed below are examples of key changes:

  • 49CFR
    • Updated the 49CFR DGL, including:
      • Revised the Special Provisions and packing instructions for multiple materials.
      • Updated the Proper Shipping Name for UN3336 and UN1810.
      • Added entries for UN3121, PG I and II.
  • ADR
    • Updated the ADR English DGL and any required changes to French Proper Shipping Names per the 2021 ADR Regulations, including:
      • Updated the Proper Shipping Name for UN101, UN3542, UN2913, and UN3363.
      • Revised Special Provisions, Special Packing Provisions, Packing Instructions for certain materials.
      • Added new entries for UN0511, UN0512, UN0513, and UN3549.
      • Added Special Provision 395 for UN3549.
    • Updated the AFMAN DGA per the Air Force Manual 24-604, including:
      • Revised the Special Provisions and Packing Instructions Class 1 through Class 3.
      • Added new entries for UN3499 and UN3508.
  • IATA
    • Updated the IATA DGL and DGA per the 2021 IATA Addendum to the Dangerous Goods Regulations, including:
      • Added Special Provisions for UN3481, UN3091, and UN3535.
      • Revised Special Provision A46 and A220.
      • Added State Variation CAG-13.
      • Revised Operator Variations, including:
        • Removed AU, KA, BL, GH, ZW, and 4M
        • Added or amended AF, CZ, FX, FZ, GK, JQ, KM, MN, QR, S7, SQ, AT, EK, OM, and RO.
  • Maritime
    • Updated the IMDG DGL per the 2020 IMDG Code, including:
      • Revised Special Provisions for multiple materials, Portable tanks and bulk containers Provisions, Segregations, Properties and observations, and EMS.
      • Added new entries for UN0511, UN0512, UN0513, and UN3549.
      • Updated the Proper Shipping Name for UN3363.
      • Revised Packing Instruction P003.
  • UPS Domestic
    • Proper Shipping Names for UN1324 and UN2623 have been corrected.

DGIS Functionality

Functionality improvements 

  • ADR
    • Tunnel Restriction Code now prints as part of the material description.
    • Updated the Transport Category Calculations Table for certain materials.
  • IATA
    • Added new Outer Packaging Types with UN code 50.
  • UPS
    • Restriction added to not allow Division 4.3 and Division 6.1 (PG I and II) materials to be packed in overpacks.
    • Validation warning added when shipping UN3065, Alcoholic beverages, referencing ups.com/wine.
    • Validation warning added when shipping UN3090, regarding refurbished batteries.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The Label Diagram has been updated to display the labels in such a way that they are legible, with optimal positioning around the outer package images. These changes include:
      • Label boxes and images will not overlap with an outer package image.
      • Label boxes have fixed positions around the outer package image.

Bug Fixes - While there are several bug fixes included in this release, a list of highlighted bug fixes can be found below.

  • 49CFR
    • For UN3363 with a liquid Proper Shipping Name, the DGA is now available.
    • For 6.2 materials, the Orientations label will only show on the Label Diagram when the quantity per inner packaging is greater than 50mL.
  • ADR
    • Corrected ADR Transport Category Calculation for certain Category 1 materials.
    • Hazard Class label now shows on the Label Diagram for UN1845.
  • IATA
    • Corrected outer packaging validation for Package Instruction 868 Single Packaging shipments.
  • Maritime
    • When adding a technical name, it will show in the Reg Text box in the Label Diagram, unless the material is Class 6.2.
  • Miscellaneous
    • References to Masterform have been removed from User Options.
    • When the Signatory Name field in Default Values exceeds 50 characters, there will no longer be an error when using a form that does not utilize the Signatory Name field.
    • A SQL error is no longer generated when using a special character in the Technical Name field.
    • For all Interface Languages, the Description column on the Users and Roles screens are no longer blank.
    • Hazard Class validation for Custom Validation rules will also apply to Subsidiary Risks.
    • When registering a new account and activating a Concurrent license, a default License Group will be automatically created, assigned to the license, and the user will be added to the License Group.
    • Shipments containing non-hazardous materials can be created through web services without generated a NameKey error.
    • For users assigned to locations, child parts are searchable when assigned to that location or set for entire company.
  • TDG
    • Additional Authorization text is now printing in correct order.
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