DGIS 3.4 Release Notes (03/04/2018)

Minimal Administration Required

The changes included in this release are estimated to have a potentially minimal impact on DGIS systems and DGIS administrator responsibilities. Actions required may vary depending on materials and regulations used within your DGIS system. Please see below for more details.



Any templates or parts that include UNIDs with changes in this document may need to be updated on March 5th with the revised materials. This includes all templates for UPS shipments containing packages due to UPS packaging requirement changes.


DGIS Content

This release does not include any regulatory updates.


DGIS Functionality 

Functionality improvements  

  • UPS WorldShip 2018 compatibility
    • Added required field for UPS Outer Packaging.
    • Validation of Emergency Contact Phone formatting.


Bug Fixes - While there are numerous bug fixes included in this release, a list of highlighted bug fixes can be found below:  

  • Advanced alignment now works properly with UPS/FedEx Laser forms.
  • IMDG 36-14 materials that were previously selectable for shipments and parts have been removed.
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