Navigating and Using your RegStick

This article provides information on how to navigate through your RegStick and how to view the publications loaded to it.

If you have not yet registered your RegStick, please see the article Registering and Updating your RegStick.


Navigating the Quick Start Page:

The RegStick Quick Start page is the first page you see when opening the RegStick program. The RegStick Quick Start Page displays descriptions of each book in your RegStick subscription and links to the first section of each book.


The Table of Contents navigation pane appears on the left side of the screen, along with the main RegStick Quick Start page. The books in your RegStick subscription are listed in the Tables of Contents as well as on the RegStick Quick Start page.


Toolbar functions:

A Toolbar runs along the top of the RegStick interface.

  1. At the top left of the Button Toolbar is the RegStick Button which lets you control different features of the program and provides information about the RegStick application.
  2. The back button takes you back to the previous page.
  3. The forward button moves you forward a page. It only works if you have previously used the back button.
  4. The home button takes you back to the Quick Start page.
  5. The search bar is used to search key words.
  6. The copy button is used to copy information. Similar to CTRL+C.
  7. The print button will print the current page you are on.
  8. The bookmarks button will show your list of bookmarks.
  9. The add bookmark button adds a bookmark. Used for frequently viewed pages.
  10. The manage subscription button will bring you to a DGIS login page. Login using your RegStick login information to view your subscription information.
  11. The help button brings you to the help page where you can find information and frequently asked questions about your RegStick. 


Using your RegStick:

When you first open your RegStick, you will be taken to your RegStick Quickstart Page; on this page you will find a table of contents on the left hand side that hyperlinks to each publication. Click on the appropriate hyperlink of the book you would like to view.




You can view the Dangerous Goods Advisor from this page. Just choose the "Labelmaster's Dangerous Goods Advisor" link from the publication you wish to view.



In the Dangerous Goods Advisor (DGA) you can search a material under the UN Identification number or alphabetically.




You can also choose a publication and read it by chapter. You will see hyperlinked chapters associated to that specific publication. Choose the chapter you wish you view.



You will then be able to view the chapter you have selected.





To get back to your Quick Start screen, click the "home" icon, where you can repeat this process to view other publications, or simply choose the next book you would like to view from the table of contents.



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