Accessing the Dangerous Goods Advisor


The DGA provides detailed information about the hazardous materials you are shipping with all of the referenced material presented on one page that is easily printable from your web browser.

The DGA summarizes regulatory information for the selected material on one scrollable screen.This information includes:

  1. Column Definitions
  2. Symbol Definitions
  3. Hazard Class or Division
  4. Packaging Information/Instructions (where applicable)
  5. Primary & Subsidiary Label Requirements & Images
  6. Special Provisions
  7. Air and Ground Limitations (where applicable)

Please note that the Regulations tab is no longer being updated and should not be used. You can find the other two ways to access the regulations from the Shipping Papers tab below.

The first way to view the DGA is through the materials selection screen. After selecting your material's UNID, simply click the link for the DGA information on the right. 

Select the appropriate link, and you will be taken to the DGA for that UNID.


The second way to view the DGA is under packing instructions on the material screen. You will find links for the packing instructions and listed maximums. Clicking on the packing instruction link[s] will bring you to the Dangerous Goods Advisor (DGA).

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