Shipment Collections


For shippers who want to complete more than one type of shipping paper for a shipment at a time, DGIS offers the additional function called shipment collections. By using shipment collections, you can start one shipping form then begin an additional form for a different mode at the same time.

Creating Shipment Collections

After you have started a shipment and selected a material, you can begin another form for the same material, saving time. This additional form can be started at any time while creating a shipment as long as the material has been selected, and the shipment has not been completed (validated).

To start an additional form, click Manage Shipment Collections on the left-hand navigation menu under Shipment. You will be taken to the Forms for Shipment Collection screen, which will show your currently active shipment.


Click the Add button at the top right of the screen to begin a new form.

When adding a form, you will need to select shipment modes for the new form. Select form type, regulation, transport mode, and carrier (optional).

When the transport mode options have been selected, a drop-down of available material(s) for the selected mode (and regulations) will appear.

NOTE: These available materials are matched by UN Number only, so be sure to select your material from the list carefully. Take note of the correct proper shipping name, packing group, hazard class, and subsidiary risks for your material. Additionally, DGIS customers will also see, and should take note of, the associated packaging types for the available materials.


Click Complete when you have selected the correct material from the list.

Editing forms

After you have added a form and selected the correct available material, your new form will be active for editing. Your active forms for that shipment (you can add multiple) will appear in the left-hand navigation menu under Manage Shipment Collections. You can toggle between active forms using the links on this left-hand menu.

NOTE: All the required information for all of the forms needs to be completed in order for the forms to be validated.

When ALL the active forms have been edited and completed, click the Complete button for the forms to be validated (all of the forms will be validated at the same time) and sent to the print screen.


Printing forms

To print forms that have been created using the Shipment Collections function, simply follow the same steps for printing as are used for other forms. The completed forms will appear on the Print > Shipment Collections screen that can be access on the left-hand navigation menu.


The only difference is that when a shipment collection is selected from the list for printing, ALL of the completed forms for that shipment will be printed.



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