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In DGIS, you can use the Address Book as a way to save different addresses and locations that you are commonly shipping to or from. The Address Book acts as a database for you to select, edit, and add new addresses. It is a tool that can save you time within your shipments and gives you an alternate way of populating the fields of information for the Shipper and Consignee.


Sorting through addresses

On the current shipment screen, next to both the Shipper and the Consignee, there are buttons for Lookup. Clicking on Lookup will bring you to the Address Book.


The Address Book will show all of the addresses that have been previously entered. These addresses can be selected or edited. There are also ways of sorting through the addresses:

  1. Clicking each column to sort your addresses
  2. Typing a keyword and search to find all addresses containing that key word
  3. Click on the page buttons to look through pages of addresses


Adding New Addresses

You can either select an address you have already added or you can add a new address and then select it to populate the name and address fields.

After clicking New Address, you will be given a window to add the name and address of the new entry for your address book. The reference field is used with the purpose of generalizing your entry to one word, such as a reference number, location name, plant name, branch, or another means of identifying the location. Using the reference field makes it easy to add the entry in the Address Book to the shipping paper.

After adding the information for the entry, click Save to add the address to the Address Book.



Using the reference field

From the shipping papers, the Find button allows you to search for the address by a reference number. The reference number is not required; it is meant more for companies that use reference numbers or a means of giving a “nickname" to their addresses.


To bypass going into the Address Book to add an address to your forms, you can use the Reference field. Type in the reference name for the entry in the Address Book that you intend to add to your form.


After clicking Find, the fields will populate with that information from the entry that matches the reference.



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