Package Markings


DGIS allows you to print out the addresses and materials to go with your shipments. It is designed for you to print a customized format on labels or use formatted stationary styles to print on labels. It is up to users to have a printer capable of printing labels.


Setting up Package Marking Settings

Under Package Marking Settings, you can either customize how your package markings are going to print or choose one of the formatted Avery styles. These styles are based on Avery stationary templates for shipping labels. When choosing one of the Avery styles, you will be able to change the following information:

  • Font Size
  • Vertical Gutter Width
  • Bottom Margin
  • Start Printing on Label #



To customize a label style, select the blank space in the Label Styles drop-down and begin making the adjustments that you need. You will be able to adjust the following fields:

  • Labels per sheet
  • Left Margin
  • Top Margin
  • Bottom Margin
  • Font Size
  • Columns
  • Gutter Width
  • Vertical Gutter
  • Label Width
  • Label Height
  • Start Printing on Label #

With any style, you have the option of printing the Shipper and Consignee addresses.


After making all of the adjustments, you will give it a Style Name and click Save and set as the active style.


Printing the Package Markings

After printing your shipping papers, you can print the package markings that go with them. When clicking Package Markings, you’ll see all of the markings for your shipments. Those can be sorted by Form Type, Regulation, and Shipment Dates. You’ll also be able to see the setting that you have applied.


After selecting the marking and clicking Print Selected, you will get a preview of the markings based on the settings you created. You will be able to print from there. If you need to make changes to the Package Marking Settings and reprint, make sure to click No when you’re asked if the reports printed correctly after closing the preview.



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