The Training tab allows a company to track students in training programs and lock out students that have an expired regulations training.



To add a student, click on Add Student in the top right hand corner. You can also edit an existing student by clicking on Edit next the student.



You will be brought to the following screen:


Select the Student’s User name from the User name dropdown menu. Under Student Status you can select whether the student is a consultant, employee, or vendor. Enter the Student’s information under Student Info. Then enter their supervisor’s information under Supervisor Info. You can set the system to notify the supervisor and/or student when the student’s training is about to expire and when it has expired. Click on Save to save the Student.


Student Training

Select Student Training to assign Students to Training Programs. Click on Add to add a new Student Training or Edit to edit an existing one.


Selecting Add will bring you to the following screen:


Select the Training Program from the Training dropdown and the Student from the Students dropdown. Then enter the training date and expiration date. Select the training status (active or expired) from the Training Status dropdown menu. You can also upload a Certification Report by selecting Browse. Click on Save to save the student training.


Training Program

Under Training Program, you can add new Training Programs by selecting Add Training Program in the top right hand corner or edit an existing one by selecting Edit next to the appropriate training program.



You will be brought to the following screen: 


You must give the Training Program a Description as well as the Duration and Duration Unit of Measure. Under Validation you can specify if this is for forms (shipping papers) or docs (parts). Under Regulation you can select one or more regulations that the Training Program covers. Click on Save to save the Training Program.


Training Report

Under Training Report you can view which Students are a part of which Training Program and what the Student’s status is (Active or Inactive). You can filter the Training Report by entering different search criteria, such as Training Date or Status, and clicking on Search.



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