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This article provides additional information on managing users within DGIS. For the full steps on adding and managing users, see: 

  1. Managing Users 
  2. Additional User Information (current article)

Default Values

Under Administration > Default Values you can enter information for specific fields that will always automatically pre-populate in every shipment. For instance, if you always use the same Shipper Address, you can enter it as a default on this screen, and it will automatically populate the Shipper Address fields every time you begin a shipment.

Though the defaults will appear automatically in every shipment you create, you always have the option to change or edit them in a shipment.

To add default values, simply enter the information you want to save as a default into the appropriate fields (you can enter defaults for as many or as few fields as you want), and then click the Save Defaults button at the top right of the screen. The values you have entered will now appear automatically in any future shipments that you create. Note: Changing a default value will not change that field in any template, draft, or shipment that already exist.


**Please note that Default Values are applied to the entire company/location, not the specific user.**


The fields included in the shipment section are:

  • Account Number
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Number
  • Signature
  • Contract
  • Airport of Destination
  • Signatory Name
  • Signatory Title
  • Airport of Departure
  • Port/Place of Discharge (Maritime)
  • Port/Place of Loading (Maritime)
  • Shipper Number

Shipper Address

A default shipper address can be added by selecting an address from the address book by clicking on Select next to a pre-existing address. If the address you want to use does not already exist, you can create it in the address book by clicking on Address Lookup, then New Address. Once an address is selected, it will fill the Shipper Address fields, and automatically add this address to the Shipper information for each shipment you process. Be sure to click on Save whenever you make any changes.


User Options

Under Administration > User Options, there are several additional settings that can be selected to customize DGIS's functionality for your company's needs.

Managing User Options

These options can be assigned to individual users via the user drop-down menu on the top left of this screen. Select a user name from the drop-down, check any option boxes to be assigned to that user, and then click the Save Options button on the top right of the screen. Selecting a User Option will not override the User’s Rights. For example, if a User does not have the Right to use the Bypass Validation, then selecting that option in User Options will not do anything.

Note: Some options are only available for specific regulations, and are specified as such. The options listed under General Options on the screen apply to all shipments.


Copy Settings

Companies with a large number of licensed users may want to make the same setting change to multiple Users at one time. This can be done by an Administrator via the Administration > Copy Settings screen.

NOTE: Changes made through Copy Settings screen are permanent and cannot be undone! Assigning incorrect Roles and/or User Options can drastically affect the functionality of the system for users. Always be sure to verify the selected Source and Target Users before copying any Setting.

Setting to be Copied

One or more of the following options can be selected for copying by checking the box next to it:

  • Copy User’s Roles and Rights
  • Copy User’s Options
  • Copy User’s Advanced Alignments

For each selection, choose a User name from the corresponding Select Source User drop-down list. This is the User whose settings will be copied to other Users. For each type of copied setting, there is also the option of checking the corresponding Clear target User box, which will overwrite any of the target User’s existing settings. If this box is left unchecked, the copied settings will be added to the pre-existing setting (rather than wiping them out and overwriting them).

Select Target Users By

You can copy settings by selecting specific Users (Target > By User), or selecting a group of Users based on their Role (Target > Role).

NOTE: Again, remember that targeting to change settings based on User Role, will change the selected Users’ settings, but won’t change the actual Role (and its Rights). It may be more effective to edit the Role itself, rather than copying the Roles and Rights from one User to another.

Save Copied Settings

To cancel your changes before saving, click the Reset Selection button at the top right of the screen. To save the newly copied changes, click the Copy Settings button.


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