Creating the UPS Export File


Creating the UPS Export Folder

Before you can export a shipment into UPS WorldShip for the first time, there are a few steps you need to take to set up the integration between DGIS and WorldShip:

On your PC:

1. Go to the Start menu and click on Computer.

2. From there, open up the C: drive.

3. If there is not already a folder called UPSExport, create one by clicking on New Folder and name it UPSExport. If there is already a folder called UPSExport, open it to see if it has an ExportWS.mdb file in it and then skip to the next step.

Saving the ExportWS.mdb file

If you don't have a current shipment but want a blank ExportWS.mdb file to put in the directory for now, there is one attached at the end of this article.

After integration is set up, follow these steps to export your shipments from DGIS to WorldShip:

1. Process your shipping paper. Complete the shipping information, package/material information, and print your shipping paper. Be sure to confirm that it printed correctly.

2. Under Print, go to Certifications and print your Certification. Be sure to confirm that it printed correctly.


3. Under Tools, go to Integration and select the shipment(s) and click on Export Selected. Make sure that WorldShip is closed.


4. When the data is exported, make sure you choose to SAVE AS and save the export file to the UPSExport folder.

5. Make sure you select the existing ExportWS.mdb file and select save. When it asks you if you want to replace the existing file, click on yes.

6. Next a box will pop up asking you to confirm if your data was exported successfully.


Before confirming that the data was exported successfully, you will want to make sure you can pull up your shipment in Worldship. Once you’ve selected yes, you will not be able to export the shipment again.

7. Once you have confirmed your shipment has exported to Worldship successfully, you can select yes on the confirmation prompt.


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