An overpack is an enclosure that is used by a single consignor to provide protection or convenience in the handling of a package or to consolidate two or more packages. Overpacks do not include transport vehicles, freight containers, or aircraft unit load devices. Examples include:

  • Packages placed or stacked onto a load board such as a pallet and secured by strapping, shrink wrapping, stretch wrapping, or other suitable means.
  • Packages placed in a protective outer packaging such as a box or crate.



How to create an overpack

Once you’ve added your first package (please refer to the article Adding Your Material and Packaging for more information on adding a material), you can add additional packages to your shipment by clicking on Current Shipment on the left-hand side.

Once all of your packages are created, they can be put together into an overpack by clicking on Manage Overpack on the left-hand side. Manage Overpack can be selected from the material, package, or shipment screens.


From this overpack screen you will first need to add an overpack, do this by clicking on Add Overpack in the action bar.


Fill out the Overpack ID, Overpack Count, and the Net Quantity per Overpack as is appropriate. Once those fields are filled out, click on Save. Note: The Net Quantity is pre-set to be automatically calculated, but you can manually input it by de-selecting the box next to Auto Calculate and manually adding the appropriate quantity.


Once the overpack is created, your packages need to be added to it. Do this by clicking on Add next to the applicable packages.


To delete a package from an overpack, click on Remove next to the appropriate package.


To delete an overpack, check the box under select and then click on Remove Overpack in the actions bar. Note: this does not remove the packages from your shipment; it only removes the overpack itself.


To edit an overpack, click on the pencil icon under Edit.


Once the overpack is done, continue with the shipment by clicking on Current Shipment on the left-hand side.




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