Entering Shipment Information


This article provides the steps for entering information into a shipment within DGIS. For the full steps to complete a shipment, see the following:

  1. Starting A Shipment
  2. Entering Shipment Information (current article)
  3. Adding Your Material and Packaging
  4. Finishing Your Shipment



Entering Shipment Information

At the top of the screen, the Regulation and Form Type are pre-filled based on the form you selected. The Carrier and Transport Mode may also be pre-filled depending on the form type. Clicking on the drop-down menu for the carrier brings up an extensive list of carriers. If yours is not listed, you can add it by clicking on Add Carrier. If you are shipping with FedEx or UPS choose the carrier specific Form Types first and the carrier will auto-populate. Be sure a Transport Mode (Ground, Vessel, Passenger/Cargo Aircraft, etc.) is selected; the program will not let you add your material until one is selected.


The Shipper and Consignee names and addresses can be entered manually or can be populated using the address book. Next to both the Shipper and the Consignee there are buttons called Lookup and Find.

Clicking on Lookup will open the address book. You can either select an existing address or you can add a new address and then select it.

The Find button allows you to apply an address according to its reference. A reference is not required; it is meant for companies that use a code or naming criteria for a location.




Below the Shipper and Consignee fields, there are additional fields of information that will change depending on which form type you are using.

Note: Anything with a blue dot next to it is required to process a shipment in DGIS (such as the Emergency Contact Info). Everything else can be filled in as applicable.



The program automatically saves your progress, which allows you to leave the Current Shipment screen or logout of DGIS and return to your shipments at a later time by clicking on the Shipping Paper Tab and Current Shipment on the left-hand-side. 

If you would like to save a draft so that you can work on a different shipping paper, select Save Draft in the Actions bar. Your draft can then be accessed by clicking on Drafts on the left-hand side. The Actions bar is also where you will add your material, save a template, and complete the shipment.



To continue your shipment, see: Adding Your Material and Packaging.

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