Searching and Managing Parts

This article shows how to manage and search parts in DGIS. For more information on parts, see: Building Your Part


View an Existing Part

To search for an existing part, enter the part number and click on search, it will pull up your part. You can also just enter the beginning of a part number to bring up a list of parts containing those numbers. You can then view a specific part by selecting view.


Clicking on View will bring you to this screen, which shows all of the information entered for the part: 


Searching for a part will only show you parts that have been edited and approved. To view parts that are in editing status, waiting to be approved, disabled, or unmapped regulations, click on the appropriate option in the Actions Bar:


A part gets moved to Unmapped Regulations when the regulations have changed for the material you have selected in the part. To make the part active again, you have to edit the part and reselect the material.

Also note that you can see a list of all active parts by clicking search with nothing entered in the search field.

Edit an Existing Part

To edit a part that is in edit status, select Edit or New Status from the actions bar shown below. Then select Edit next to the appropriate part.


To edit a part that is active, pull up the part and then select Edit Part from the part drop-down menu. Edit allows you to make changes to the part. Once you have finished making any changes to the part, be sure to click on Editing Complete and Approve Part Changes, or the part cannot be added to a shipment.

Manage Exemptions

To enter exemptions, you will need to use the Parts drop-down menu and select Manage Exemptions.


The Manage Exemptions screen will list all current exemptions you have entered. You can filter these exemptions by name, as well as edit, view or delete current exemptions. To add a new exemption, click Add Exemption.



To add your exemption, enter in the name, exemption type and dates to become active as well as the expiration date. Upload your exemption documents by using the Browse button. You can either specify a location or browse to find the file you want to upload. Once you have entered all exemption information, click Save and your exemption will be available for selection when building a part.


Manage Packaging

You can enter packaging by going to the Parts drop-down menu and selecting Manage Packaging.



The Manage Packaging screen will list all current Packaging. You can edit or delete any of the packaging, as well as see any given documents that have been associated with that packaging. The number of parts that include that packaging are listed under Associated Parts. If you check the box next to Show Products associated with packaging, it will list the specific part numbers associated with that packaging.



You can also add new packaging by clicking Add Packaging.


Clicking on Add Packaging will bring you to the following screen:


You will be able to select what type of packaging you would like to use by selecting it from the drop-down menu or you can leave it as None. In either case, please note that you can free form type in both the Outer Packaging and Inner Packaging fields. This allows you to edit the packaging displays to fit your needs. Once you have entered your packaging information, click Save and your packaging will be available for selection when editing your part.


Exporting Parts List

Clicking the search button (leaving the search bar empty will show all parts) an "Export" button will appear. Clicking this will download an Excel spreadsheet as a .csv file with all parts currently in the search results.

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