DGIS 4.2 Release Notes (1/3/2021)

Minimal Administration Required

The changes included in this release are estimated to have a potentially minimal impact on DGIS systems and DGIS administrator responsibilities. Actions required may vary depending on materials and regulations used within your DGIS system. Please see below for more details.



Any templates or parts that include UNIDs with changes in this document may need to be updated after January 3 with the revised materials.


DGIS Content

Update Highlights – This release will include regulatory updates to the DGLs, DGAs, Packing Instructions, Variations, and any other type of regulatory content for Q4 2020. Listed below are examples of key changes:

    • Updated the AFMAN DGL per the Air Force Manual 24-604 (dated 9 October 2020), including:
      • Addition of new materials.
  • IATA
    • Updated the IATA DGL and DGA per the 2021 IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, 62nd Edition, including:
      • Revised Proper Shipping Name, Packing Group assignment, Packing Instructions, Special Provisions, and Hazard Label for multiple materials.
      • Multiple materials added with Proper Shipping Name splits. 
      • Revised Special Provisions A78, A88, A99, A107, A145, A154, A176, A185, A201, A213, and A214
      • Added Special Provisions A215, A216, A217, A218, and A219.
      • Multiple Packing Instruction table changes, including:
        • Added Packing Instruction 910 and 974
      • Text revisions and corrections for multiple Operator and State Variations.
    • Update IATA Version Reference in DGA Pages.

DGIS Functionality 

Functionality improvements 

  • 49CFR
    • For some of the new “Article” PSN materials, the Label Diagram will no longer show the Class/Division label.
    • Materials with ORM-D Hazard Class are no longer selectable, except for ID8000.
    • Added Competent Authority Validation for some of the New "Article" PSN materials.
  • FedEx International
    • When shipping a material with Class, Division, or Subrisk of 6.1, the validation warning for FX-02 has been updated to read: “Warning: FX-02 All international shipments of Division 6.1, Packing Group I or II materials must be shipped in UN Specification packaging that meet packing group I performance standards [UNID = PSN]”
  • IATA
    • For some new “Article” PSN materials, the Label Diagram will no longer show the Class/Division label.

Bug Fixes - While there are several bug fixes included in this release, a list of highlighted bug fixes can be found below.

  • 49CFR
    • There is no longer an error generated with shipping ID8000 via Ground. Also, the Class 9 and UN marking will not show in the Label Diagram.
  • IATA
    • When shipping Limited Quantities in an overpack, the Total Quantity Per Overpack will be reported in kg G.
    • Available outer packaging types have been corrected for Packing Instruction 490.
  • Miscellaneous
    • For exemptions in Parts, the Regulation Mode is correctly saved when editing the exemption in a part.
    • When a user without an assigned license tries to log in to DGIS, they will now receive an Insufficient Rights error message.
    • The Licenses screen has been corrected to show the correct list of users when viewing by Location.
    • Users without the Parts rights will not be able to see the Parts Tab.
    • Alignment for Avery 5163 Package Marking Setting has been corrected
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