DGIS 3.3 Release Notes (12/31/2017)

Minimal Administration Required

The changes included in this release are estimated to have a potentially minimal impact on DGIS systems and DGIS administrator responsibilities. Actions required may vary depending on materials and regulations used within your DGIS system. Please see below for more details.



Any templates or parts that include UNIDs with changes in this document may need to be updated on January 1st with the revised materials.


DGIS Content

Update Highlights – This release will include regulatory updates to the DGLs, DGAs, Packing Instructions, Variations, Regulations Module and any other type of regulatory content for Q4 2017. Listed below are examples of key changes: 


  • IATA
    • Updated to the 59th edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
    • UN3090, Lithium Metal Batteries and and UN3480, Lithium Ion Batteries have been assigned special provision A802.
      • This special provision reinforces the requirement to use UN Specification packagings that meet packing group II performance standards for articles that do not have a packing group listed in the Dangerous Goods list.
    • Various State and Operator variations have been added, revised, or removed; including UPS and FedEx variations.
    • Minor changes to the DGA sections including ERG and Special Provisions.


  • IMDG
    • The 38th edition of the IMDG Code has been revised by Annex 1 of the IMO DRAFT REPORT TO THE SUB-COMMITTEE ON CARRIAGE OF CARGOES AND CONTAINERS document dated 22 September 2017.
    • Proper Shipping Name changes:
      • A comma has been added after CERIUM for the PSN containing 'slabs, ingots or rods' (UN1333).
      • A space has been inserted for FISHSCRAP and FISHMEAL text, changing them to FISH SCRAP or FISH MEAL respectively (UN1374 and UN2216).
      • The comma in 'ZINC ARSENATE, ZINC ARSENITE MIXTURE' has been changed to an 'and' (UN1712).
      • The comma has been removed from 'DICHLOROISOCYANURIC ACID, SALTS' (UN2465).
    • Minor changes to the DGA sections including EmS, Packing Provisions, Properties & Observations, Stowage & Handling, and Special Provisions.


DGIS Functionality 

Functionality improvements  

  • IATA
    • PSN search changes:
      • Searches for a PSN containing 'gas turbine' now redirect to UN3528.
      • Searches for a PSN containing 'Drugs, toxic, liquid, n.o.s.' now redirect to UN1851 instead of UN2810.
      • Searches for a PSN containing 'Drugs, toxic, solid, n.o.s.' now redirect to UN3249 instead of UN2811.
    • New IATA restrictions on packing lithium batteries (UN3480 and UN3090) in the same outer packaging or overpack with dangerous goods classified in Class 1 other than Division 1.4S, Division 2.1, Class 3, Division 4.1 or Division 5.1 have been implemented. These restrictions apply only to Section IA and IB.


Bug Fixes - While there are numerous bug fixes included in this release, a list of highlighted bug fixes can be found below:  

  • UPS International shipments will no longer give an error when using multiple identical overpacks.
  • ERG codes now show properly for UN1866 and UN3268.
  • Tunnel codes now print properly on ADR CMR forms.
  • Old UPS integration files that were stuck in the export queue can now be deleted.


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