DGIS 3.1 Release Notes (07/23/2017)

Moderate Administration Required

The changes included in this release are estimated to have a potentially moderate impact on DGIS systems and DGIS administrator responsibilities. Actions required may vary depending on materials and regulations used within your DGIS system. Please see below for more details.



Any templates or parts that include UNIDs with changes in this document may need to be updated on July 24th with the revised materials.


DGIS Content

Update Highlights – This release will include regulatory updates to the DGLs, DGAs, Packing Instructions, Variations, Regulations Module and any other type of regulatory content for Q2 2017. Listed below are examples of key changes:

  • International Air
    • Proper Shipping Name changes:
      • Multiple material redirects where "n.o.s." was missing have been refined.
        • Example: "Drugs, toxic, liquid, see Toxic liquid, organic, n.o.s. (UN2810)" has been changed to "Drugs, toxic, liquid, n.o.s., see Toxic liquid, organic, n.o.s. (UN2810)".
      • The ampersand in "Di-4-chlorobenzoyl peroxide, ≤ 77%, when with ≥&23% water" has been removed.
      • The extra commas in "Electrolyte (acid) for batteries,, see Battery fluid, acid (UN2796)" and "Electrolyte (alkali) for batteries,, see Battery fluid, alkali (UN2797)" have been removed.


  • 49CFR
    • 49CFR regulations have been updated to reflect HM-215N harmonization.
    • Proper Shipping Name changes:
      • UN3166 has been broken up into multiple entries with different PSNs.
      • "Halogenated monomethyldiphenyl-methanes, liquid" has been added as a PSN option for UN3151.
      • "Halogenated monomethyldiphenyl-methanes, solid" has been added as a PSN option for UN3152.
      • The % symbol has been changed to the word 'percent' in "4-Nitrophenylhydrazine, with not less than 30% water, by mass" for UN3376.
    • UNID changes:
      • UN3166 entries with 'Engine' in the PSN have been changed to UN3528 for liquid powered, UN3529 for gas powered, and UN3530 for entries without a power specified.
    • Hazard Class changes:
      • UN3507 entries have been changed from Hazard Class 8 to 6.1 (8 is now a Subsidiary Risk for the entries).
      • UN2815, UN2977, and UN2978 entries have had a Class 6.1 Subsidiary Risk added.
    • Packing Group changes:
      • UN3109, subrisk 8 has had Packing Group II added.
    • Additions:
      • UN0510, UN3527, UN3531, UN3532, UN3533, and UN3534 have been added.
      • PSNs "1,3,2-Benzodioxaborole" and "Catecholborane" have been added.
    • Deletions:
      • UN3125 entries with PG II has been removed.


  • ADR
    • Updated SP 363 in the DGA.
    • Updated foreign language DGAs to reflect changes made as part of 2017 Corrigendum #1.


  • UPS Domestic
    • Additions:
      • Two entries for UN2030 with PG I and no subrisk have been added.


  • UPS International
    • Additions:
      • UN1001, UN1077, and UN2815 have been added.
      • Multiple Class or Subrisk 6.1 materials have been added.


DGIS Functionality 

Functionality improvements 

  • 49CFR:
    • The warning "Packages containing lithium batteries both contained in and packed with equipment must comply with the requirements specified in SP 181." has been added for UN3481 and UN3091
    • Updated labeling diagram to include the new Lithium Battery labels contained in HM-215N. 

Bug Fixes - While there are numerous bug fixes included in this release, a list of highlighted bug fixes can be found below:  

  • Instances where the new HMLB9 (Class 9 Lithium Battery label) were not showing in the DGA have been fixed.
  • Instances where the Cargo Aircraft Only label were not showing on the labeling diagram under parts have been fixed.
  • Server errors in the DGA have been replaced with explanatory messages.
  • References to AIR Shipper in the DGA have been corrected to IATA references.
  • Formatting issues in the DGA have been fixed.
  • ERG Guide sections 173 and 174 now show properly in the parts module for relevant materials.
  • Instances where the ERG was showing the 2012 version in the parts module have been corrected to the 2016 version.

Known Issues:

Validation errors for certain IATA materials - In our IATA DGL, certain materials were assigned incorrect special provisions:

  • Special provision A1 was assigned to the following materials:
    • UN2030, Hydrazine, aqueous solution with more than 37% hydrazine by weight, PG III
    • UN1228, Mercaptan mixture, liquid, flammable, toxic, n.o.s., PG III
    • UN1228, Mercaptans, liquid, flammable, toxic, n.o.s., PG III
    • UN3108, Zirconium suspended in a flammable liquid, PG II
    • UN3108, Zirconium suspended in a flammable liquid, PG III
  • Special provision A2 was assigned to the following materials:
    • UN3094, Corrosive liquid, water-reactive, n.o.s., PG II
    • UN1693, Tear gas substance, liquid, n.o.s., PG II

In cases where you would normally be allowed to ship any of these materials by International Air and receive an error message during validation, you can use the Bypass Validation user option or custom overrides (for Business and Enterprise customers) in order to complete the shipment.

This will be fixed in an upcoming release of DGIS. You can always consult our technical support and regulation teams if you have questions about the ramifications of this bug and/or how to implement the workaround.

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